Elaborate Beauty for an Elaborate Gift…

I spent last evening surrounded by beauty and elegance in… my church!* Many “Women of Destiny” volunteers gave of their time and talents to make an already beautiful foyer a place filled with candlelight, sparkling crystal and china at our “Christmas Tea!” Each table was uniquely decorated for the occasion and there were no two tables alike. The room was filled with the joy and laughter that accompanies a special celebration. This particular celebration involved Jesus and hundreds of the one-of-a-kind women He created. These women ¬†broke away from their busy schedules to gift each other with time, smiles and love. They found a wonderful way to combine sparkle, glamour, elegance and charm with food and fellowship. A win-win scenario in my book!

But most importantly, they shared the only Gift that never stops giving… Jesus, the Christ… God’s only Son. The memory of snowflakes, flickering candles, shimmering goblets and ¬†warm conversation will be dimmed only by the presence of the King of Kings in our midst! After all, He is, “The reason for the season!”

This year, don’t leave Him out of His own birthday celebration! Invite Him to show you the best way to enjoy this Christmas time. Then, if you haven’t already, ask Him to stay with you after His birthday. He wants to spend eternity with you and an invitation to spend the rest of your life getting to know Him is the best way to start. He already knows all about you… and loves you anyway!

Do it today… you’ll never celebrate Christmas the same way again!

*I attend Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ. If you’re in the area, visit us on Saturday night or Sunday. If you have a church home, ladies, you are still welcome to our “Women of Destiny” Bible study on Wednesday mornings at 10AM or Thursday evenings @ 6PM! And for the men, “Man Factor” meets on Thursday night! You’ll be blessed!

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