We all fail the people we love… the people who love us. What we do with that failure will make all the difference. Today, I’ve chosen to give it all to God! He knows my weaknesses and my flaws. He didn’t make me that way,

my soul has collected things as it’s been dragged or willingly jumped into the mud and mess of life. Sometimes that stuff hangs around to create another mess another day.

I never wanted to make a mistake as a child, because that meant that love and affection would be withdrawn for a time. That separation was brutal. For that reason, I find it easier to admit a wrong to someone I hardly know, than to those who mean the most to me. Silly? Maybe, but when those ideas are introduced to you as a child and then reinforced by others as you grow, it tends to stick.

Wounds inflicted have a way of seeping onto those who are close by. When left unattended, they will fester and destroy. I never realized how very much I had left unattended.

Today I willingly surrendered those hurts and wrong beliefs to the only One I know who fully understands them all. Ecclesiastes is a book in the Bible. In chapter 3, verse 11 we read, “He (God*) has made everything beautiful in its time.” It is my prayer that these times of self-discovery, for each of us, become beautiful quickly, as we surrender each one to Him!

*Parentheses mine.

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