The sacrifice…

Suppose you were told that there was a child in need of a new heart. Your own heart goes out to parent and child alike. You may not know the child but you know you want to do everything you can to save that child’s life. After all, you have a child about the same age. Perhaps you call to speak with the person who gave you the information. You may spread the word through Facebook or Twitter. You use your phone, email or other social media to make sure everyone in your circle is aware of the need. You make a financial contribution or give blood since the blood types match. You truly are fighting for the life of this child!

Then, let’s suppose that tragedy happens. There is an accident, and it involves one of your own children… the one that’s the same age as the child who needs the heart. After the doctors have done all they can do, you’re told that your child will not make it through the night. Fighting for your child’s life will not be possible; the damage to his internal organs has been extensive and irreperable… except for his heart.

You have a choice to make. One that is painful and, if you make it, extremely unselfish. The needed heart has to be viable, and a match for the other child. Your son’s blood type matches. You decide to give the life of your son for the life of another.

Pain grips you as you realize that your son will be gone soon, but his heart will beat in the chest of another. You tell him you love him, that you are proud of him, that he will always be in your heart, and then you watch him breathe his last.

God made that very decision over 2,000 years ago. He offered the perfect, sinless heart of His Son, Jesus, to any who may need it. That decision has brought a second chance to anyone who asked for a new heart. Once you receive that heart, your heart beats with His, because He not only came to Earth in an earth suit, He now lives and breathes, seated next to God the Father, in Heaven. God gave us His Son, and Jesus paid everything for your new life. Have you taken Him up on His offer?

It’s Jesus’ birthday soon. How will you celebrate it this year?

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