Where is your focus…?

I was worshiping. The sun was warm on my face. Birds and cicadas were serenading the Creator of the universe. Trees whispered as the warm breeze tugged at their leaves.

As I sat in the pool that was close to our apartment, I sang God’s praises. I was grateful for the life He had given me. At the moment my surroundings resembled a resort and peace and rest were the order of the day. My face was lifted heavenward and I sang His praises, thanking Him for every good gift that was mine!

Feeling as if I needed to change position, I splashed water on my face and arms and turned to let the sun warm my back. Still in the warm water, my chin was now resting on my arms at the pool’s edge. My eyes scanned the area surrounding the pool itself. Lovely plants with light green and deep purple leaves decorated an area close to the “cool decking” that supported my arms just at the pool’s edge. Bees made momentary stops on leaf after leaf as they searched for water or nourishment., but it was the tiny ants that stole my attention.

They moved quickly, scouring the area for whatever it was they wanted or needed. These ants were smaller than any I had ever seen before, but, since I had encountered biting ants in Arizona more than once, I was on my guard.

There were several of them now. Although bees would buzz close enough to be heard, these ants were my focus! I didn’t want any of them to get near my flesh so I was aware of their every move. As they continued their search, I realized that I was no longer worshiping God, but watching the ants. I had taken my eyes off my God and was more than aware of His creation…

I heard three questions. “Can you wet the surface around you to keep the ants away?” “Yes” “Could you use your breath to blow them away?” “Yes” ” Could you use the tip of your finger to eliminate each one?” “Yes, Father!” “Then if I’ve given you the ability to overcome them, why did you take your eyes off Me? WOW!

I had fallen for a classic trick of God’s enemy! He hates all that God is and will whisper fear and doubt into our circumstances. As tiny as that ant was, it brought back the memory of former experiences with their red cousins and turned my eyes away from the God who cared even more about me than the ants.

Humbled, I realized I had taken my focus off the one deserving of my worship, and placed them on the circumstances that were close at hand. Every time that distraction comes, I must see it for what it is and surrender that situation to my Abba Father. He knows the answer to my every problem, and will provide the answers as I surrender each one to Him.

Splashing water all around the area where my back and arms would rest, I turned my gaze upward to the beauty of the blue and cloudless sky, and the only One who truly deserved my attention.

As we walk into this new year of 2016, I challenge you to focus on the One who gave you life, and who continues to love you whether you know it or not!

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