About Me

Dee Blazina.  Child of God.  Wife.  Mother.  Grandmother.  Friend.

I am blessed to be a child of the King of Kings! I am very happily married, the mother of three wonderful children & the grandmother of eleven amazing grandchildren! I am an author, an intercessor, a worshiper and a “doer” of the Word of God. My journey, like many of yours, has vacillated from the serene to the tumultuous, but through it all, God has been my Rock. He’s always there for me… Trust Him… He’ll be there for you!
It is my purpose to share words of encouragement and hope as I lift up the Great Author of my faith and the inspiration for my thoughts.  It is for His glory that I am obedient to this call on my life. If there be any increase in your understanding of God, any deepening of your love for Jesus or any revelation about or from the Holy Spirit, then I have been the conduit that He intended.  May His Holy name be praised!