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Praise the Lord!

About a week ago, I was putting some finishing touches on some writing. Emerging from the background of the music I had playing was a song I had memorized years ago. This song had touched my very soul, bringing peace and joy at a time that should have brought some very different emotions. As I listened to this familiar blessing, I found myself resting in the truths of the song, and singing along with joy!

It was at that moment that I knew I had to share this song with someone out there. You may never have been privileged to hear this song. Some of you weren’t born yet. Some were never in church, or were not aware of contemporary christian music if you were. Some heard it, but had no need for the message at the time. If you didn’t hear or respond to it in the past, I’m sharing it today, and I cannot thank Brown Bannister enough for the truths of this great song, and the Imperials for their wonderful presentation! Give a listen:

I’ve included the YouTube version with the words so that you can read and reread as you wish!

The message is that God loves you, and Jesus already paid the price for everything that would have separated you from God’s love!  So just receive that Gift of Grace and redemption, love Him back ~ and PRAISE HIM for all that He continues to do for you!

Jesus’ Birthday… Ever Wonder What to Get Him?

If you’re like most of the population during this season, you’re trying to figure out what to get family and friends for Christmas. After all, it is the season of giving ~ and getting. There’s a special desire to see that look of joy on the face of the receiver. We may settle for a look of pleasure, Continue reading

God’s family…

To those of us who say we are part of God’s Family, what will our focus be for Jesus’ birthday?

I asked one of my grandchildren the other day what they would be giving Jesus for His special day and there was silence for awhile. Then I shared the Truth of His great sacrifice for us, that God is the consummate gift-giver, and has been since He created this Earth and everything in it! As God’s kids, we are stamped with that same spiritual DNA. He wants us to share with those He’s placed in our lives to bless and encourage them. Sometimes, He creates those “divine appointments” that introduce us to another for a moment or a period of time. Most often He wants to use one of the gifts He’s already given us to help the other. Sometimes He wants Continue reading

Does God Care About Me…?

We had an amazing time at Sunshine Acres yesterday morning with our choir, A Glimpse of Heaven, from Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, AZ! I asked God if He had a word for our choir before we sang and after leading me to Psalm 139:19, I asked, “What does this have to do with Christmas, Father?”

The passage reads:

19) Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men. 20) For they speak against thee wickedly, and thine enemies take thy name in vain. 21) Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee? 22) I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

I resonated with David briefly, feeling a momentary righteous anger until I almost felt God’s Spirit grieving inside me. Then I heard, “But I sent My Son to die for these people…!” I sat there and cried, feeling His heart and asking His forgiveness for my self-righteous, judgemental attitude.

You see, David didn’t have the perspective that we have today. Before that first Christmas, David was standing on the side of God against those who hated Him. But since David’s time, Jesus has already lived, died, been raised from the dead and sits next to His Father in Heaven. Jesus has already fulfilled His reason for coming to Earth  on that first Christmas night! The opportunity  to be free of the sin that leads us to hate God was given through that sacrifice. We can now become part of God’s family by Jesus’ Gift of redemption. Jesus has always been the very best Christmas Gift that was ever offered and we only have to receive the salvation He purchased with His very life.

Anyway, I shared the passage and the message with the choir. After we sang, we were blessed to hear great preaching by Steven Zachary who spoke about loving our enemies! Amazing? Not really, because when we are listening to the Holy Spirit, we’ll be hearing the heart of God….

The most important question I could ask anyone reading this post is, “Have you received the best Christmas present ever?” If the answer is, “No,” then my next question is, “What are you waiting for?” God loved you enough to release His only Son into this world for you and me… knowing what Jesus’ end would be.

Still think God doesn’t care about you? Think again!!!

Are you full of joy today…?

Are you full of joy this season… or are you rushed and frustrated, pulled and pushed, trying to find more time and peace of mind? If you’re in the latter group, be encouraged! The Word of God says that the joy of the LORD is our strength! It’s not my joy or your joy, it’s HIS joy. God is full of all good things. He is GOD! Do you think His joy is ever depleted? Do you think His joy could ever run out? NOT LIKELY! SO, grab onto that joy. Make it your strength during this precious Season of Jesus’ birthday. His birth was the beginning of new life for us all!

God is still offering this amazing Gift of love… FREE to all who will believe. Will you receive this Gift today? His name is Jesus…


Love rearranging furniture? Love filing and creating order out of chaos? It has never felt like my forte, but I know that I am better at it today than I was a year ago. It is so good to know that organization is an ongoing part of learning.  As I trust the Holy Spirit to teach me and as I am a willing student, ideas come that are the perfect solution for the problem. God always knows the best answer for everything we need, so trust Him to provide… in every area of your life!

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3: 5 & 6, NAS version of the Bible


If people really believe that time is precious, why do they spend so much of it on nothing? Time is a gift from God. We are to use it wisely… we never know how much we have left! Let’s make the most of what He has given us… It only comes one day at a time. “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!” Psalm 1118:24, Bible, New King James Version  (Italics mine)


I am constantly amazed at God. He gives us gifts all the time. Every day we enjoy the beauty of His creation. Spring brings the smell of rich soil and fragrant flowers. Summer brings long, warm days and nights filled with the sound of crickets and the soft glow of fireflies. Autumn brings the smell of burning leaves, a canvas of vibrant colors and the dance of a roaring fire against the backdrop of a cool, crisp night. Winter brings grey horizons, softly falling snow, brightly colored holiday lights and the chill, clear, star-filled sky. Every season is filled with love and wonder. Each new day creates a hug of its own.

Whether you believe it or not, God is the consummate giver. He gave us life. He gave us His Son. He gave us redemption. He gave us forgiveness. He gave us grace. He gave us His Word. He gave us healing.  He gave us favor. He gave us His Holy Spirit. He gave us His power. He gave us His everlasting love. He gave us His covenant blessing. He gave us abundance. He gave us the ability to prosper.

So, how can we deny these gifts? He gave and continues to give… every day and in every way! Are you receiving all of His gifts? If you are one of His children, they are yours… just for the asking. You may believe in the gift of salvation but not in the gift of healing. However, in the same way that we accepted salvation as a free gift, the gifts of grace and love and righteousness and favor and power and healing and covenant promises belong to you.  His Word is very clear on these points. Each of these things has already been paid for by Jesus and is now a gift from the Father to us! But we need to believe that they are for us. We need to receive His grace, His love, His righteousness, His favor, His power, His healing and His covenant promises so that we may walk in His blessing. We need to accept these gifts as “standard-issue” for all of His family members.

If you are not one of His children, you can be! Even though you are not yet His child, He gives you blessing upon blessing every day… despite your feelings about Him. The earth spins. You wake every morning. You breathe. You see His beautiful creation. You experience love. You create life. You enjoy the food that continues to grow from the richness of His earth. You laugh. You cry. You feel. You live.

So, receive… Receive His salvation and become part of His family. Receive the blessings that Jesus lovingly restored for each of us on the cross of Calvary. He paid it all. He’s waiting for you. His gifts are there to receive, so… receive. Receive… just because He loves you! Once done, it will be easy to have the heart of the Father… the heart of a giver!

P.S. There is one gift God did not give to us… faith. Stay tuned for the next “Hug” to find out more!

God’s love…

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Deception… Perception… Reception…

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