Chapter 1 The Sad Little Princess…

Almost every little girl grows up thinking that, since she’s a princess, she will marry a prince. Her subconscious mind spends most of its time dreaming this into reality. And although she knows that life becomes “real” around age eight or nine, her “forever” dreams and her little girl heart never seem to give up on the idea.  She sees her prince in her daddy and her first male teacher and her brother’s friend and her high school football hero and her favorite vocal artist and her college sweetheart. She marries the “prince” who is able to embody the best of all of her “princes” and she sets out to make her “forever dream” a part of the “real” world.

Years pass and she pours her heart and soul into her dream.  She chooses to love and desires the same in return.  Many little girls are blessed  to  have that dream come true. Those little girls live out their days loving and being loved… unconditionally. But others live out a different story.  Somewhere along the line, her prince ceases being her protector, her teacher, her friend, her hero, her “Romeo”, her sweetheart and becomes… a stranger. The days roll by and, as misunderstandings remain unresolved, as birthdays are forgotten, as sleep overtakes conversation and as the television remote replaces passion, the little girl’s dream is replaced with the harsh reality of  disrespect, dishonor and disappointment.

Someone should have told her “prince” about her dream. He may have had a similar dream as a young boy; one in which he loved the princess from afar, longed for the time when they would meet, saw the danger, met the dragon head on and rescued the princess who then married him and lived with him, happily, ever after.   But no one ever told him… and so he pursues his own dream, not realizing his is a part of hers.

His solitary dream involves daring and rescue and admiration and ongoing challenge. He sees his life as a  series of victories, sometimes connected… sometimes not.  His desire to be loved and cared for does not supersede his need to be admired for his prowess and his charm.  His dream does not seem to join with another’s dream, even when love is involved.

So, as time passes for this princess, her dream of loving and forever being loved goes unfulfilled.  She spends her waking hours pretending and hurting and longing and wishing and wondering why the prince who married her no longer cares for her.

Once upon a time, that sad little princess was me….

3 responses to “Chapter 1 The Sad Little Princess…

  1. Wow . . . . real life . . . real pain. But God . . . .!!!

    • Yeah… BUT GOD!!! He is amazing and always there… even when you don’t yet see the evidence :o) Thanks for reading, Dear Friend! Be blessed and let me know if and when you are close to our area… would love to catch up!

  2. My name means ‘princess’ and Ryan (my hubby) means ‘little king’. Thankfully our kingdom is founded only on His. Even when the dragon tries to come, our Abba wraps us tighter bringing us closer together. What God has done in our marriage, our family, our us since coming back to the US, simply Him.

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