Memories and Milestones… Preface

Most noted authors begin a book knowing its purpose, its plot, maybe even its ending.  They research and plan, outline and flesh out the details.  They “do their homework” and are rewarded for their efforts with a following of readers and a sense of accomplishment, not to mention a nice royalty check!

But there are some first-timers, like me, who are faced with their purpose in life and find that the “purpose” includes putting thoughts on paper…for others. Many find this process cathartic.  Many find it terrifying.  Still others use the process to share their innermost feelings about life with those they love and, with the sharing, allow the truths they’ve learned to become a pathway for those that follow.

As this book begins to unfold, I am learning that God’s purpose for us may emerge at any point in our lives.  About four years ago, my husband added his name to a long list of people who have said I should write, but I took him much more seriously. His thoughts were of greeting cards and I could see it, but had no idea how to flesh it out.  So I thought about it, prayed about it, but never really moved on the idea.  Since I had no vision, no visible way to make it happen, I let the idea drift in and out of my mind, hoping someone would come and tell me how to put it all together. So, although I had no idea how, or what or where or when, I knew SOMEDAY.

My husband, who has seen the best and the worst of me, has never let me forget the word that God placed in his heart.  He has mentioned, hinted, coerced, stated, prodded and pleaded with me to step out and do what he knows I have hidden in me.  I am blessed to have him in my life.  His love and encouragement mean the world to me.

To date, I’ve written random things; prose and short “quotes”, devotionals and greeting card verses.  These thoughts have come tentatively and intermittently… until yesterday.

Weeks ago, in a Sunday morning class, I answered fifteen questions on “Purpose”.  Our teacher, Nick Castellano, had taken time to compile a summary on each person. Mine, he said, showed two passions… writing and family.  The conclusion was to first write a book to family… specifically my children… with the intent of sharing my life, offering ways to avoid the pitfalls I had incurred and encouraging them with those things that I felt would make a difference in their lives. The rest, Nick said, would fall into place.

This morning, my three precious “J”s, I felt the need to begin this book… on purpose.  Whatever results from this effort, dear ones, know that it is my heart unfolding on these pages….

One response to “Memories and Milestones… Preface

  1. Now I’m hooked and reading more …

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