Each time the hammer fell, it seemed,

Another loss would haunt my dreams.

For those I loved and held so dear

Before my eyes would disappear.

Short-lived, another year would cease.

I sought for some, but found no peace.

Enveloped in a shroud of sorrow,

How could I, thus, face tomorrow?

Tho’ bright the sun and blue the sky,

My sadness had no wings to fly.

I never understood just why

These loved ones left, too soon to die.

The beautiful are meant to stay

To brighten nights and soften days!

Too soon their beauty, lost and gone,

Insists that time and men move on.

How can the brutal time-piece run

And ne’er recall the missing one?

Yet one more year has passed again…

A birthday gone, I know not when.

I know one thing… we’ll meet one day

And laugh and praise and love His way.

To stroll gold streets in Heaven above

With those we miss… with those we love.

A timeless, faultless, endless stay

In beauty, born as God did say…

In Heaven’s vast and glorious space

Where God’s enthroned… His special place!

For God has made a way, you see,

For those we love to be set free.

Jesus, His Name, is always there

To bridge the gap of the despair

Caused by our sin and selfishness

And robe us in His righteousness!

Faultless, He died for you and me.

No lesser sacrifice could be!

So, live the life that He desires.

Turn to the One who never tires

Of hearing, “God, forgive me, please!”

From sinners down on bended knees.

Then all of your remaining days

Will bring Him joy, will sing His praise!

Each day with those you love will bring

A cause to laugh, a cause to sing.

His sacrifice and love you’ll share

With all your loved ones, everywhere!

Anticipating Heaven above

Will only serve to fan that love.

And each of those dear ones you love

A choice must make… Below? Above?

For those who choose to walk away

From God will see His face some day.

They’ll see yours, too, on that Great Day!

What will they do? What will they say?

Will they an accusation bring?

Or will their tongue not say a thing?

Will choices made be yours or theirs

To share the love that Jesus shares?

I trust that those you know and love

Will stand with you in Heaven above!

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