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God’s family…

To those of us who say we are part of God’s Family, what will our focus be for Jesus’ birthday?

I asked one of my grandchildren the other day what they would be giving Jesus for His special day and there was silence for awhile. Then I shared the Truth of His great sacrifice for us, that God is the consummate gift-giver, and has been since He created this Earth and everything in it! As God’s kids, we are stamped with that same spiritual DNA. He wants us to share with those He’s placed in our lives to bless and encourage them. Sometimes, He creates those “divine appointments” that introduce us to another for a moment or a period of time. Most often He wants to use one of the gifts He’s already given us to help the other. Sometimes He wants Continue reading

Don’t waste ’em…

Time. It’s a measure of life that we’ve been given, and it is all too fragile. We make choices every day regarding time…when do we awaken or go to sleep, how long do we spend on a project or hobby? Sometimes our time is not really our own and we have to abide by another’s rules and regulations: family, employer, or entertainment. We make decisions based on average times…drive-time to and from work, school or the grocery store; how long it takes to prepare for our day; how much time does it take to stop for coffee or walk the dog? But how often do we think that we have all the time in the world?

Every day people disappear out of our lives. These people are here one minute and gone the next. Some are public figures, some acquaintances, some friends or family. The time and attention we give to them is important, depending upon their position in our lives. So, what does that relationship mean to us? How much time do you we give that person, and why? How close are we? How close do we want them to be?

Is there someone in your life that needs an “I love you?” Is there someone that needs to know you miss them? Is there someone that needs to know you appreciate them? Don’t waste another minute thinking, “I should call….” Time is God-given, precious and never guaranteed. So, as you walk through your day, remember that every minute counts. Don’t waste ’em!


I’m in the process of writing a book. In it I deal with pieces of my past. It isn’t always easy to watch loved ones make decisions that you know will cost them…. decisions that may forever change their lives.

I’ve watched as opportunities were Continue reading