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Have a Need…?

“And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19, NIV)

Have a need? Talk to God. He has riches we may NEVER be able to comprehend in our flesh. But, once you become His child, His desire is to provide for your needs, according to HIS provision! And His provision is without limit!!!

If we don’t believe that He has our best interest at heart, then why do we run to Him when nothing else has helped? If we don’t believe every part of God’s Word, then why would we believe any part of His Word? What right do we have to exclude any of His Words from HIS BOOK???

Usually, when we miss concepts or ideas in any book, we’ve either not read them, not understood them or deliberately ignored them. So, let’s be honest with ourselves about how we approach God’s Word in its fullness. If we only believe what we want out of His Word we will never receive all that He wants to give to those of us who are His kids! Ultimately, we dishonor all that Jesus did to restore ALL things for God’s children!

In our daily life, if we order something on the internet, don’t we expect it to come  to our delivery address? We may go to the front door every day or listen for the sounds of a delivery truck. We may track it online to see where the package is in the delivery process, but we are anticipating the delivery of that thing because we trust the manufacturer and have faith that the delivery truck will deliver!

Consumers look for and get what they need or want. The manufacturer wants a consumer to order their product, that’s why they create it.  They see a need and fill it. They see a want and fill that.  Why would God, who is the ultimate Giver, offer truths and promises in His Word that He KNEW we would need… even want… and then not deliver on those promises?

Where did we get the idea that He is mean and nasty and unkind? The fruit of His Spirit is love, joy, peace patience, gentleness, kindness, faithfulness and self-control. That fruit doesn’t include mean, nasty or unkind. God’s Word says that He is love. Since when is true love mean, nasty and unkind?

SO, let’s remember that God wants to supply our needs, but He also wants us to expect that provision and to receive it when it comes. He loves us and expects us to believe the truth about Him, not the lies that His enemy has chosen to spread. And if  we have believed those lies, then we must ask God’s forgiveness. We must separate ourselves from the devil’s lies! We must go to the Source of all good things… God Himself… to supply our needs and the desires of our heart! He loves us and wants to help us… ALL the time!

Take Him at His Word. It is ALWAYS true… And that’s what I believe!