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Without Faith…

After a seeming lifetime of belief in God, I was stopped short one day as I read this verse in Hebrews 11:6, “And without faith (Hebrew: moral conviction of religious truth, the truthfulness of God or a religious teacher), it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.” (NIV) I always believed that He existed, but I had somehow missed the rewards part. How could I have overlooked that part of the verse? For years I had embraced the mindset that salvation from my own sin was reward in itself.  On this day, however, I was reminded that there is more to the salvation that my Savior provided than an escape from Hell.

As I became convinced of God’s consistent love, truth and grace as it is reflected in His Word, I was able to develop a deeper relationship with Him, and better reflect His Image to others. This portion of the verse made it clear that my pursuit of God, my desire to truly know Him, carried rewards. Some may call these rewards blessing, favor, or promises from God. Whatever term you use, God is the One doing the rewarding. We do nothing but seek Him… not for the reward, because intimacy with God is reward enough, but because we want to respond to His love for us.

This is not about working to earn salvation. That is impossible! This is about a loving God who doles out gifts that cause us to smile and know that He loves us. He is the One who is pleased when His Creation wants to know Him. He is the One who rewards those who truly believe Him and His Word. He loved us while we were yet sinners, according to Romans 5:8, so how much more does He appreciate those who have received His plan of salvation and become His children!

When we really want to please God, we find out what His Word says and then believe and DO it! Jesus paid for a great many things by His death and resurrection. Healing, for instance, was never needed before Adam and Eve made the wrong choice in the Garden of Eden, so Jesus restored divine health with the stripes He took on His back.

God always wanted a prosperous and healthy life for His creation, so don’t believe for a second that God would give you something less than wholeness in your body. James 1:13-15 says, When tempted, no one should say, ‘God is tempting me.’ For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed. Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. (NIV) So, if that “something less” shows up, surrender it to the God who heals, and watch Him do what He does best… create, sustain and restore life as we walk with Him. He created the universe with His Words. We do the same with our words. so speak His Word to remind yourself, and those around you, of all that Jesus redeemed in that ultimate act of love for humanity… for you! That undeserved love is just one of God’s rewards.

Remember, God always tells the truth. His very essence is righteousness and holiness. “God is not a man that He should lie.” (Numbers 23:19, KJV) So let’s trust Him when He tells us He wants to reward (Heb. ~ deliver, give, pay recompense) us, and be thankful as His blessings flow our way in every area of life. Have faith (Heb.~persuasion, conviction, belief) in God and His goodness! It’s what really pleases Him!

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Yesterday I was reminded of my need to forgive… always and without fail! I know something is important when God  says the same thing several times… Women’s Bible Study, Prayer Meeting, the next chapter in my book, the passage that He has me read! He made it clear that forgiveness is not for the other person… it is for me. Before you get too cocky and point your finger in my direction, remember that there are four fingers pointing back at you!

God made each of us with the innate power to create . We were made in His image and the first record that we have of God shows Him creating. It is interesting, however, that He created with His words. He already saw what He would create and then He spoke that creation into existence! Man was the only creature that He actually formed from the dust of the earth… which is also constantly creating! But that’s another blog…!

So, even if we don’t realize it, we spend a lot of time creating with our thoughts and our words. As we see situations and circumstances, we replay them in our minds… sometimes to our detriment! We rewind an argument with our spouse, we review a frustrating scene on the highway, we replay an incident at work and most of the time we have a “pity-party.” Offense is taken and forgiveness is withheld. The body of the one who chooses not to forgive responds with stress. Soon, aches  and pains emerge and sickness and disease are often the result! We’ve begun to create! We’ve planted seeds that are bearing fruit! But how many of us really want the bad fruit that’s been created!

Instead, the Word of God says that we are to love our enemies… not just our family, friends and co-workers… and that we are to pray for those who persecute  us or treat us badly. (Matthew 5:43-48) That means that we are to love when it is not convenient or reasonable or fair. We are to love when it hurts.  We are to love when we’ve been wronged. We are to be like Jesus. After all, He was perfect and He forgave us every sin we ever committed! He took them to Calvary’s cross with Him. He’d never experienced sin prior to that point and He took every sin that ever existed upon Himself. He did that for us! Why? Because He loved us and wanted to restore fellowship with us!  If Jesus took  every wrong thing that each of us ever did and forgave us for it, why do we find it so hard to forgive someone else for one offense?

These areas where we choose to hold a grudge or choose not to forgive are costly. God’s Word says that as we forgive, so are we forgiven! (Matthew 6:14-15) Not only will our unwillingness to forgive harm our bodies, it will also have  an impact on our spiritual life. WE suffer the reality of not receiving forgiveness for our errors in judgement, our anger and frustration, our hastily spoken words.  We harm ourselves when we refuse to forgive… NOT because God wants to withhold His forgiveness and grace… Jesus already paid for those… but because we have planted seeds that will bear fruit that is not the fruit of the Spirit. This fruit is the fruit that God’s enemy would like us to bear…  seeds of anger, resentment, retaliation, vengeance. These seeds will produce all the “junk” that Jesus died to redeem! Because He’s already paid for the “junk,” we need not suffer the effects of that sin… unless we choose to suffer. Since Jesus already suffered,  our suffering is pointless and makes the enemy rejoice. He wins the battle even though Jesus won the war. The enemy gets to put that sin back on you because you’ve let him. It also tells God, who created the great plan of salvation, that you don’t think His idea or His sacrifice was worth very much… even though Jesus, God’s only Son, gave His life for each of us! Jesus paid the price necessary to set us free from all of our sin! The Holy Spirit constantly reminds us of God’s Word to help us avoid the temptation to sin, but WE make the choice to listen and respond to His “still small voice.” We make the choice to listen and respond to the One who knows what’s best for us!

Don’t waste another minute caught in the enemy’s trap of unforgiveness! Loose yourself from it and fall into the arms of the only One who loved you enough to truly set you free! Do it now! The only one you’re hurting is YOU!

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