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Now that we have given thanks for all of God’s gifts to us and, hopefully, enjoyed our time with family and friends, it is time to begin to prepare our hearts for the celebration of our Saviour’s birth.

Jesus didn’t have to take His Majestic Spirit form and squeeze it into a cramped womb. He did it out of love. He knew it was the only way to restore all that had been lost in the Garden of Eden. He especially wanted the close and intimate relationship that He had with man redeemed, so that He could, once again, enjoy fellowship with us.

Jesus knew what His future held, yet He came to Earth willingly… because He loved us. He still loves us. He loves you… He loves me… just because.

May each of us begin to fully understand the magnitude of His Gift this season. May He show us afresh His love and His grace. May we surrender to all that He desired for those who are, and those who will be, His children!

Take time to prepare for more of His presence. Take time to remember Him as you think of others and the gifts that you will share. Take time to be with Him and to thank Him for His priceless Gift!